You do you, mama.

I'll do the coaching so your extra challenges are a breeze. 


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Jodi Schilling, M.S. Ed

Do You...

  • Do too much for your family?

  • Say yes when you want to say no?

  • Feel like you’re cheating on yourself?

I did too.

I woke up with a hustle hangover and decided, no more. 

You can get out of the people-pleasing game, too. You know you don’t belong there.  You’re already 100% enough. 

 You're so enough, it's ridiculous.


I'm Jodi

I'm an expert in you-can't-make-this-sh*t-up and a recovering people-pleaser. I figured out that being me was how to be a good-and-imperfect-mom, and now I'm a coach for every mom who questions if she is enough.

You can stop people-pleasing as a mom.


"At a time in my life when I felt I was barely holding on to myself and my family, a friend recommended coaching and I messaged Jodi.  That has been one of the best decisions of my life!  Jodi has a passion for helping other moms and it shows in her coaching.  She is compassionate, loving, patient, and so non-judgmental.  She has walked right beside me through some difficult times, loving and guiding me to learn how to live my best life even among the craziness of it.  She is an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone!"